I felt the spirits calling
        	“The rain is coming this way.”
How do you know? he asked
        	because gravity was beginning to pull
and I was beginning to sway
“Those clouds over there are getting darker…”
I didn’t say it was because I could feel it
        	stirring inside me
storm clouds growing,
gathering at my eyes
lightening charging,
priming near my thighs
“…and the tide is getting higher”
I didn’t say it was because I could feel it rise
        	water inside me
thundering as it pulled
toward me, from me
water within
connected to water around
“…and the clouds are moving toward us”
I didn’t say it was because something else was
        	shifting inside me
throat gripped by the moon
release would come soon
spirit would console and renew
cycling through
Finally, it began to rain
Mother Earth and body renewed again
tender yet strong
right where I belong
stopping the chase
finding ecstasy in this place
grateful      	for the phase

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