Who is Saint Lunita?

At Saint Lunita Magazine, our intention is to highlight the written work and artwork of Latinas, Latinx folks, Indigenous women & femmes, Black women & femmes, and women/femmes of color. We recognize that there are often so many ways our stories and ideas go overlooked, undervalued, and under represented. Saint Lunita is a revolutionary, radical and decolonial space at its core.

We choose the name Saint Lunita to embrace the space we inhabit as multilingual writers of color as we invoke the divine feminine power of the Luna. We grant her sainthood as the Goddess to which we pray. She who heals our wounds of institutionalized religion while leaving with us only the beautiful memories and rituals that connect us to our well ancestors. She who reminds us of our indigenous ancestry and the stories that live within our DNA. She who reminds us that though our lives are forever marked by colonial sexual violence, we can be made whole again through liberation and radical self-love. She who reminds us that we must confront our shadows, embrace the beauty of the darkness in order to see the light again.

Saint Lunita Magazine is a space to imagine the infinite possibilities of liberation. To sift through the messiness. To celebrate the beauty of life. To revel in our joy. To embrace difference and nuance. To be the change we want to see in the world. We invite you to join us on this journey, to be a part of our community, to witness the birth of creativity.

Meet Our Editorial Staff

Dr. Renee Lemus

Executive Editor

She/Her/Ella– I am a Chicana feminist professor in Gender and Ethnic Studies. I am one half of the powerhouse duo that is Las Doctoras. I am a wife and mama to two beautiful children.

Saint Lunita is a dream come true for me. It’s bringing all my passions together, social justice, ancestral culture and spirituality, writing, editing, education, and pop culture. I am here to serve my communities using my gifts as educator and intuitive. Decolonization is my guiding principle as I help to create this space to showcase the work and creativity of marginalized folks. Saint Lunita- Pray for Us.

Dr. Cristina Rose

Executive Editor

She/Ella/Siya- I am a Virgo sun, Gemini rising, Aquarius moon; I am the eldest child in my family, a first generation college student, identify as queer ella/siya, try to meditate daily, and live on sailboat with my family.

I also love being the other half of the powerhouse duo that is Las Doctoras and being a profa at CSUDH. Currently, my favorite courses to teach and recreate are”Sacred Writing” and the “Witch.” Readings in my classes highlight the writing of maestras in my life including Ana Castillo, Cherrie Moraga, Sandra Pacheco, Elenita Strobel, and Faith Adiele.

Saint Lunita is dedicated to these muxeres femtors and to my abuelitas who always have a lot to say. Saint Lunita creates a space for us, reminds us to remember who we are, and she truly loves our darkness and light. Our writing, our spirituality, our intuition are powerful, magical, and deeply needed in our community. A feminist-decolonial publishing company? We got you. Gracias, Saint Lunita, for inspiring us!

Selisa Loeza

Managing Editor

She/Her/Ella– I am reclaiming who I am and own that I am love, I am healing, I am light as well darkness.

The many roles and titles I embody include Chicana, madre, writer, reader, feeler, and Sociologist.

Saint Lunita is a blessing to be a part of and to witness because it represents how multidimensional we are. Saint Lunita is a space, a home, a garden, a community that truly makes it safe for us to share our creative expressions incorporating both our academic and cultural experiences. We finally have a space where we can be smart and hood.

Saint Lunita- gracias for the liberation.

Analinda Arellano

Copy Editor

She/Her/Ella– Analinda is a Xicanx mama, maestra and writer living in Fullerton, CA. She teaches college courses in Ethnic Studies and is currently researching intergenerational trauma and healing. Her writing practice centers on recovering ancestral knowledge, creating healing spaces and reflecting beauty. She is committed to sorting through her miseducation so that her sons may fly more freely.

Alejandra Ramirez

Editor’s Assistant

She/Her– Ale is a Latinx activist and holistic feminist who proudly lives with Fibromyalgia. Through her lived experiences, her work focuses on implementing transformative ways of healing through breaking cycles of generational and ancestral trauma and the ongoing work of healing herself (soul & body), family, and community.

Jenny Flores

Social Media Intern

She/Her– 24 years old and a proud feminist scholar

Erika Luna- Contreras

Staff Writer

She/Her/Ella– The og 90’s valley girl for sure! Neurodivergent, teacher, momma, Bombon, jefa, DEI advocate, hand-holder to those newly coming into awareness. Erika is a seeker of truth, love, all things soul healing & how to bring it to our gente. RBF bougie hippie because that’s her thinking face.

Nathalia Segoviano

Financial Columnist

She/Her/Ella– I am a self proclaimed Alpha Latina, I am an immigrant to this country. I am a wife, a mother and a chapina dedicated to empowering my community.

In my day job I work with indigent clients adversely affected by the criminal system. I love my job because I get to give my clients a voice and help them navigate some of the most difficult times of their lives.

My passion for financial education was born out of a need to educate myself on my own financial journey. In my free time I am a money coach and free spirit working toward spreading financial knowledge.  

I am excited to be a part of Saint Lunita. I am working on finding my inner nina that was left behind in Guatemala, reconnecting with my ancestors and learning who I am outside the influence of the colonizers. I am eager to talk about the barriers we face in our communities when it comes to financial education and the ability to create generational wealth. Las Doctoras and the work they do through Saint Lunita has challenged me to learn how colonization and the patriarchy affect our ability to obtain financial education. I hope that by sharing my knowledge and experience we can break down those barriers and empower you to achieve financial freedom in your lives.

Dorian Serrano-Barron

Tarot Columnist

She/Her/Ella– Dorian is known as Blue dream Bruja. She is a Los Angeles based Queer Bruja, Intuitive Medium, Writer, Mystic and Artist. Creator of Lucid Labyrinth, a creative space for magic and art, https://lucidlabyrinth210.squarespace.com/ . With a gift of being clairaudient, she hopes to give light for the collective to follow their own truth. Apart of Dorian’s craft includes crystal healing, candle magick, deep meditation, and healing ancestral wounds through words. Through art such as her freelance photography, she is able to capture the person’s truth visually and creatively. 

 After spending several years working in higher education feeling unfulfilled since receiving her Bachelor degree in Sociology and Film, Media, and Social Justice, an epiphany came upon her that was calling out. She wanted to cultivate her creativity, quirkiness , and her dreams. While having her spiritual awakening in grad school, her wild desire was to marry her degree in Counseling Psychology holistically with spirituality regardless of the resistance of naysayers. She is passionate about integrating where soul and body meet, this is where some of the keys to truth are. Now, as a tarot interpreter and medium, she connects both together to help provide counseling and spiritual insight for her clients. Dorian’s mission statement is to bring spiritual enlightenment for the collective, her community, and for the world to dive into deep reflection and healing for transformation and self expression. Her work is to reclaim ancestor beliefs of faith and decolonize through freedom. 

Although she considers the world her home, Dorian resides in Los Angeles, CA. Where her heart and art breathe.