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Danellia Arechiga


Brown, Queer, Unpartnered Parent, Birth Worker, Embodiment Guide, and Multidimensional Artist

Danellia Arechiga (she/her) is a Brown, Queer, Unpartnered Parent, Birth Worker, Embodiment Guide, and Multidimensional Artist. She has a decade of experience serving the BIPOC communities located in and around Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA (Tongva land). Danellia specializes in Conscious Childbirth Education, Placenta Encapsulation, and Postpartum Care, specifically, Mexican Traditional Medicine as she supports families through the observation of the cuarentena or “first forty days” of the postpartum period. She offers a Placenta Encapsulation Distance Training for Birth Workers who want to learn. She is also a musician and integrates her musical gifts into all aspects of her work. She is committed to uplifting and holding intentional and brave space for families of color to explore all of the complex emotions, challenges, and celebrations that come with birth, postpartum, parenthood, and beyond. Danellia’s passion for radical transparency and intergenerational healing in her own life inspires the folks she works with to continue the cycle of healing in our communities from seed to soil. 

Crystal Dominguez

Creative Comadre

Crystal Dominguez is the founder and owner of Creative Comadre- an agency bridging creativity with self-compassion, dedicated to helping others reclaim their power of creativity and self love. With over 15 years in the creative arts industry, degrees in Psychology and Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Design, and a lifestyle of using art as a form of discovery & expression, Crystal is regarded as a lumineer in her field.

Additionally, she is well known for her focus on self-compassion, use of art as healing, soothing demeanor, and inclusion of cultural influences in her work. Experiencing the healing power of her own creative expression, she’s now passionate about empowering others to use their creativity for joy and self care..Crystal’s authentic passion for creativity combined with her strength of helping people feel seen, heard and loved, make her a trustworthy source for people to find their inner creativity and light.

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