fine dining

let’s start with drinks,
that are our kisses which temporarily quench our thirst.
we move on to the appetizer,
engaging in foreplay, teasing each other because we’re
my breasts are your first plate,
plump for you to have your first bite, brushing your tongue on my hard nipples.
i take you in my mouth, 
shoving your engorgement down my throat because i’m famished, 
i’ve been craving you so long. 
my pussy is your main entree, and you devour me voraciously 
baby is it good? 
you rise up, i kiss your lips
tasting myself - it’s good. 
i bite into your skin as you push deeper into me,
you suck on my breast as i ride you, 
tasting, consuming each other into oblivion,
because we’ve been 
for dessert, 
we indulge in our sweet juices, 
and share tender kisses, 
as we melt into each other’s arms. 

what a feast.

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