Chingona Recovery Chronicles 

I was a sad girl before 
I would drink and drink till I passed out 
But sad girl am I no more  
They called me a chingona, pero inside I was still triste. 

I thought I’d find the solution to todas mis problemas at the bottom of the Miller lite can 
The answers never came and the sorrow continued to follow. 

I swore I’d never drink like my father, mis tíos, primos y hermano,
There I was drinking the night away throughout El Verano y into Enero. 

I thought I was having fun y creo que I was free to be me
Pero no, 
I was just sinking deeper & deeper into the sea
The sea of tears 
The sea with too many beers 
And then came the hits… 

My body took too many of the hits 
All the cochinos who wanted to grab my tits 
And throw me to the ground to enter my body 
How did I get here I would wonder 
And then I’d fade away back to the little girl
The one who was so innocent and free of hurt 
The one who loved playing in the dirt 
Who knew she was one con la Tierra 
Era mestiza y tejana 
Who was this new girl 
The one who passed out drunk 
To wake up to another man inside her 
On too many occasions to remember?

Pero now she’s truly free 
Free from the sadness, the anger, the tragedies 
Recovery is a beautiful thing. 
They tell you un Día a La vez 
Por que it’s hard to live sober 
Pero it’s worth it and so are you 
My prayer is that you will let go 
Of all the pain and suffering
And remember que eres chingona  

You can do hard things, Esa 
Don’t let them tell you who you are 
PorquePor que tu sabes quien eres
Eres chingona, poderosa, Diosa y mas 
And you live each day con gratitud
Because your ancestors brought you here, 
They carried you like a baby 
So tender and loving with their prayers 
Keep shining in your liberation 
After all, this is your peoples’ nation. 

They say we are all alcoholics 
What they fail to remind us of is all the colonization, genocide and more they put our ancestors through
It’s okay though 
Because we continue to learn and grow
And give back 
To those behind us 
So there will be no more sadness 
And drinking 
And overthinking 
Only freedom 
And more  

Stay clean 
Free tu cuerpo from all the toxins 
Recovery looks good on you 
Mujer Bonita 

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