A la Fregada con el Chronic STRESS!!!

(…regardless of what generation you were born in)

Chronic Stress es todo lo malo that you feel when shit hits the fan and no one can snap you out of your funk BUT YOU!  Money and life circumstances are the major stressors that cause anxieties and challenges on a day-to-day basis across all generations.

Mi Gente!  You’ve got to learn how to manage este animal, ‘el Chronic Stress’or you’ll end up popping pills (muchas veces no sirven), drinking alcohol (a bad quick fix), creating bad habits of unhealthy eating, lack of sleep, etc., which can affect major risk factors such as Gut and Heart Health and many other health and mental health illnesses. Ponganse trucha – Stay alert and address your Stressors!!!

Gen Z, Zoomers, iGens and Centennials are known to be multitasking culture obsessives (I call them “tech. locas” con cariño) as they thrive on many tasks at hand and drive themselves passionately irrational (at times). Most are extremely tech. savvy and can stay online for ten to twelve hours a day. They tend to develop major headaches, depression and anxieties due to facing current immense pressures of school shootings, student debt, health pandemics and politics! ¡Que mala onda!

Some are drama queens that stress out monthly about (poor eating habits, lack of sleep, etc.), but mainly money and job searching as everything in their life MUST BE PERFECT, y si no, ¡Watcha…Cuidado! 

El Remedio

What I love about Gen Zers/Zoomers, over other generations (including my generation – Boomers), is that they do 100% seek mental health services because self-care for them is indisputably non-negotiable! Gen Zers also alleviate their stress levels with brands/trends as they love to wear (acid-washed denims, colorful blazers, etc.) while embracing the 90’s high-energy all-night rave dance parties!  Gen Zersfeel a sense of calmness when all people come together (they expect diversity and inclusion) as ONE. I am reminded of the songs, “Love Is the Only River” and “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.”

Millennials or Gen Y thrive on working for fun, so when pushed to produce within the confines of ‘rules’…they major stress out and rebel! Their major worries are around the well-being of their families and stabilities of their financial future and this Covid pandemic.  ¡A huevo! …they work and make it happen!  Millennials/Gen Yers, YOU ROCK in this area! They are also tech. savvy individuals that grew up with that ‘sense of entitlement’ (Boomer parents are to blame), which leads Millennials/Gen Yers to clash with other generations at the workplace, gatherings, etc., especially when they do not feel appreciated or are misunderstood.  ¡Ojo! They will not hesitate to loudly cry out, STRESS, STRESS, and STRESS! 

El Remedio

¡Qué barbaridad! Gen Y/Millennials, report a high level of stress in their lives suffering most from depression and anxieties, over eating, lack of sleep, shopping, smoking and drinking, etc.  It’s time you TURN IT AROUND by engaging in self-care activities like; exercise, walking, listening to music, read a chisme magazine about J. Lo or a love story book, enjoy your friends (but allow them to also speak and share) and reconnect with your higher powers! This generation reminds me of the songs, “Girl on Fire” and “Raise Your Glass.”

Generation X thrive on working to live, are self-sufficient hard-working individuals and, like Baby Boomers, consciously dedicated to being resourceful and working collaboratively at work and home settings—they have a pretty good work-life balance. They are known as the “Cool Generation” because so rarely will they share about their stress level even if they are on their last leg. A la brava, they will fight off those uncomfortable feelings (keep them inside) and move on. This is very dangerous, mi gente, because you have to address your stressors or you will end up nauseatingly jodidas!!!!

 El Remedio

Like I mentioned to the Millennials, it’s time you TURN IT AROUND by engaging in self-care activities like; exercise, walking, sports/gyms, listening to music, enjoy your friends and reconnect with your higher powers! There are a plethora of mental health services and other self-help options to help you ‘let it all out’ to heal from within. You are so self-sufficient and have resources, so go for it to heal from your stressors! You remind me of the songs, “Hero,” “Beat It” and “Dreams.”

 Baby Boomers (myself included) thrive to live to work, y son las mas atontadas and will retire (if forced) or die (after 30, 40+ years) at the same company (same job) because they are so bewitched, absorbed loyal hard workers who sacrifice their health to complete their job achievements…ALL     for a company that may not appreciate or notice them! Que triste! True Workaholics to ensure their family/children live comfortably decently. Boomers 100% definitely value teamwork on the job and at home.  Boomers are known as “stubborn” and not very accepting of change. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many Boomers to go from ‘old-school’ traditional ways to learn modern technology systems…mucho STRESS!  

They strongly feel that it’s taboo to engage in mental health services and rarely (unless forced) will seek health/nutrition services, yet Boomers are the generation with the highest medical illnesses; arthritis, joint pains, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, morbid obesity, y muchos mas!  I say…Ya BASTA y a la fregada with ‘taboos’ and get nutrition and mental health services because YOU deserve it!!!

El Remedio

Baby Boomers are spiritual and strong people who love to help and care for others, including their parents. La FAMILIA is most important in their life!  Boomers love to listen to Motown sounds, rock and roll, y fiestas con mariachi.  They are self-sufficient and extremely reliable and responsible individuals.  Boomers, use these strengths to GIFT yourself with self-care in hopes to reverse all of the shitty illnesses many currently suffer from! Finding a good Nutritionist is the key to your Gut and Heart health! Mi Gente: Somos Fuertes and Chingonas!  Just think of Dolores Huerta and tell yourself, “Si Se Puede.”  The songs that come to mind are, “The Rose” and “La Feria de las Flores.” 

Silent Generation or Traditionalists Life was work and family always came first.  Inheritors of WWII and the Great Depression, obviously, they are very hard working, loyal employees with a strong will power to succeed. Mi Gente, this generation experienced egregious and devastating acts of discrimination and inequalities such as; school segregation, lynchings and mass deportations. Me la rayo…yet, these Traditionalists have great respect for people in authority, and expect RESPECT! Poverty, discrimination, war, isolation, etc., created so much chronic stress for the Silent Generation. Tambien, many of our abuelitos/abuelitas and elderly family members died due to Covid-19, as they are the high-risk group for infection and weak immune systems. 

Hint: They love storytelling and folk songs (Spanish/English) …to teach lessons about life. 

El Remedio

The Silent Generation was raised to be seen and

not heard; to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves, unless spoken to by a person of authority.  If Silents were declared to have a mental illness, mental institutions were the solution–back then! Chale! Mi gente kept to themselves because they did not want to be seen as a failure in society or put to shame! That’s why storytelling was successful because when Silents tell a story or sing, it is in the third person which is distantly safer when it comes to emotions!  Finding a fun hobby provides the Silents a great reason for living. Staying connected with family is essential and making new relationships—a friend, a girlfriend or a boyfriend is a cool thing to do! With this generation, the songs that come to mind are, “De Colores,” “Respect,” “Jailhouse Rock” and “Cielito Lindo.”

Mis Últimas Palabras y Sugerencias (Suggestions)…

Ignoring stressful life situations causes feelings of hopelessness, depression and chronic stress! All generations should try some of these suggestions to lessen and reduce feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Smooth music (or playing an instrument) and meditation are excellent activities in reducing Chronic Stress.  

En serio Mi Gente…practice the slow Breathing Method before you start your blessed day because who knows what pendejadas/challenges you’ll have to confront each day! The BEST sugerencia I can GIFT YOU: Find a compassionate knowledgeable professional nutritionist to guide you in healing your GUT health—most of us are not aware how messed up our (gut) tripas are until it’s too late! Chronic stress is the gut’s worst enemy, thus, many suffer stomach pain, discomfort and a weakened immune system. Drinking herb teas (yerba buena, chamomile, etc.) can be soothing. A good massage while smelling aromatherapy oils like lavender can make you feel relaxed and lower stressors. Stretching and walking while purposefully being aware of nature (trees, plants, flowers, birds, etc.), swimming and/or writing out your feelings or a song or poem are great for good physical and emotional health. Phone a friend and share your delicious recipes besides sharing chisme about work and/or la familia. If you have a pet (dog, cat, bird), play with your pet and guaranteed, they will make you feel happier and calmer! 

Con cariño, I’ve shared my perspective about how our generations deal or not deal with Chronic Stress. Least favorite, but also helpful is for you to reorganize your home—unclutter your bedrooms, la sala, etc. The decision is yours to change and live a longer healthier and happier life. Maya Angelou warmly and lovingly said, When women take care of their health, they become their own best friend!”  Peace Out! Dr. Rosie Ramos


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  1. Great story is very nice to have someone so talented. I was so emotional reading this wish people would take the time to express more thank you.

  2. One of the best articles I’ve read. To bring light to mental health and self care especially when it comes to many young individual Latinos. Many who were raised in a Mexican household never knew of self care let alone going to therapy. I myself didn’t know until I attended college and reached out to a therapist because stress can really take a big toll on you even though we try to be strong.

    Thank you Dr. Ramos 🙂

  3. Dr. Rosie thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us and all generations alike. Your words in this piece reflect your charisma in real life, your way of approaching la vida con esa energía que llena lugares, the wittiness , the realness and the empathy you show to all of who had the pleasure of working with you and now reading your words. I love we have to take down ese “animal” aka toxic stress and the emphasis on the gut-mind connection which is often lost, a great reminder to all of us social worker and other humans alike. Bendiciones!

  4. Rosie I love your article! It was so entertaining! You described the generations so well and I laughed while reading it bc everything you wrote is so true. Thank you for the self care suggestions because you’re right we forget to take care of ourselves. You did an awesome job amiga and I can’t wait to read more articles.
    Love your TN friend

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