Music, Movement, CLIMAX

When the music starts my body moves…

The beat dictates the way my body responds. And when it’s my JAM there is an excited twerk then my body starts to match the beat. Oh and when that bump and grind music comes. My hips start to wind, my body starts to roll, my butt starts to shake and wiggles. I can feel my chest becoming lighter, breath is easier, blood and fluids flowing. I start to feel myself and the moves become more sensual and sexy. My hands and fingers intertwine in my hair, moving down to my breast, caressing  my nipples, moving down to my thighs as my hips wind and grind. The more I dance the more the BAD BITCH in me comes out. The more sexy I feel and the wetter I make myself. I am imagining myself in an outfit that fits my curves in all the right places and my moves are hypnotizing to all who watch. Dancing to a playlist that speaks to my body. 

The 1st song that comes is my all time favorite song: PONY, by genuine. The freedom this song gives my souls and moves my body. I mean riding for me is a definite trip to O town. Oh how it gives me that freedom, of being horny is okay, and if I want it so I can go get it! (With consent of course). Then there is there is… 

“Just once if I have the chance

The things I would to do you 

You and your body, every single portion”. 

My body rolling and hands moving past my breast making it way down… to the back beat of the song trying to get that mmmmm feeling… Then feeling the next verse… 

 “Sending chills up and down your spine 

Juices flowing down your thigh”. 

Oh my gosh I love the way this song can just get me ready 

“Jump on it” 

In my journey of looking for a playlist of songs that can connect with my body in such a sensual way, I realized that I needed to look for more women voices that get me there. I am finding that having the womans voice helps me feel even more connected to myself and it is helping in my healing Journey. I think my journey took me to find the female song that OWNS the I want you to do nasty things to me and I want to reciprocate the favor, but also I need more than the BARE FUCKEN MINIMUM!!!! My song that I am loving is “On IT” by Jazmine Sullivan and Ari Lennox. In this song there is there is… 

“I want to sit on it

 So tell me why you deserve it

 Come on and prove why I should move

 Spit on it” 

I mean it gets my hips moving in the ways I would sit and move on it, to once again get me back to O town. and it has that added layer of show me why I should let you feel the way my hips move instead of just watching. And for me it also bring in the some head which I’m pretty good at (toot toot) and it really turns me on to so see how their body reacts and enjoys it. For me head  is all about my enjoyment and like confidence booster to help the juices start flowing. 

“I need more than a text message

You gon’ have to pull off somethin’


Curves got you driving reckless

Take this water and hydrate, bitch”

I absolutely love the call out of the curves and then want to make sure this partner is good and hydrated for what is about to go down. And then they go back into the chorus about wanting to sit on it. This song not only gives me the body sensations to get me in the mood, but it gives me again that freedom of liking and wanting SEX is okay, especially as a woman.

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