I Am

I am all woman
Hear me roar
Feel the ground move as I glide
Hips going
and flowing
Side to stride
My body is the ocean
If you drown
That’s on you
My waves aren’t meant to be small
I cannot downplay the truth
You see
As the sea
I no longer struggle
Effortlessly being
An effortless being
My body has curves
And so does my path
But so be it
I don’t want to fear this world
I want to see it!
Once bound by thoughts
Not mine
But much before me
These thoughts
Were thought for me
Only to rot at the root
Then metamorphosize
And to my surprise-
I love her dearly
For I am she
The mirror said, "That’s me!"
Don’t you see?
I cannot dim my light
My eyes already adjusted
To my darkness
All sides of me
Kaleidoscope energy
Letting loose
Feeling free
Holding space
Make room for me!
I am all
And all of it’s me
All of it
From the top of my back
To the small of it
I carry the world
I carry all of it!
I carry it with grace
With velvet
With lace
Everything divine
It’s all mine!
Don’t tell me to smile

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