Sylvia Poareo

Connecting Within

Inner Bonding Practitioner

Sylvia Poareo’s work is rooted in guiding and supporting each individual in their own liberation. Informed by the Chicano experience and growing up as an orphan in SoCal, Sylvia has a deep understanding of generational trauma, mental illness, navigating the system (family incarceration, foster care), and how systemic and racial injustice creates environments of inequity in our communities.

Connecting deeply into the heart, to the cosmos and nature as a pathway to healing, she also recognizes the profound wisdom, resilience and fortitude we carry in our bones. Remembrance and remembering parts of ourselves, our innate humanity and cultures of origin as a path to truth, healing and wholeness.

Her greatest wisdom is drawn from her experience as an orphan and a mother having to reparent, repair, reclaim and liberate herself to give and sustain life for her children with less trauma than was passed down to her.

She supports this self-reclamation through reconnection to our ‘inner little one’ held within ancestral and spiritual guidance.

Her approach is informed by her journeys with Inner Bonding, curanderismo (Mexica healing), nature, social work, activism and somatic experience. Sylvia is well known for her gentle, compassionate, yet clear and effective way of bringing many elements together to support our integration.

She also helps mothers break cycles through her mentoring and conscious mothering circles. These circles are an ongoing solace for participants as she has walked many through the very real ups and downs of parenthood, navigating trauma, lifting off cultural constructs, and always seeking to preserve our children’s innate essence.

To remember our interdependence, mutuality and reciprocity, much of this work is held in community building space, through supportive circles, workshops and deep healing retreats.

The spiritual community she supports is deeply rooted in equity, liberation and abolishment of systems of harm. We support inclusion, accountability and spiritual work without spiritual bypassing. We hold inclusive spaces for all wanting to journey deeply into their own shadows and inner work for individual and collective liberation.

Sylvia earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare at UCLA, and is a certified transpersonal counselor with the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person. Above all, she counts her lived experiences and wisdom from elders as her greatest teachers.

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