Luisa Leon- In Memoriam


In Memoriam

Luisa Leon gave us a healing space during covid, and we honor her life! 

She was a mami and an artist.  She was an inspiration. Raised in Mexico City and later moved to Arizona where she was an integral member of the Mujeres Mercado, a market for Latina business owners and creatives. 

Luisa loved art and color!  Trusting her calling to share her passion with the world and her community, she left a full time management job to officially open her business @azlotusart. 

For 100 evenings, March to June 2020, Luisa hosted an IG live where sometimes over 200 followers would follow her in a step by step painting session.  We followed along on our own canvases at home, and we listened to Luisa share her story and her life.  From butterflies to porches and maracas, she let us in on her secrets and her truths. She loved blue! And El Novio.  

She reminded us time and time again that art heals and is for everyone; she inspired us to live our lives fully even in a pandemic. Her 100 days of painting in the wake of covid, helped our souls, minds, and hearts.  

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