I dig for

Pieces of my heart

That I buried

To keep myself safe

As cold earth flies through the air

I’m reminded of childhood

Where I buried myself in the sand 

To feel warm and hugged

Keep this part of me safe, Pachamama

I’ll be back in the spring

As tree limbs stretch out 

And bluebonnets fanfare bloom

I remember 

The other brown girl in the back of the classroom

She would click her nails

On hard surfaces too

To remind herself that she’s here

In her body

As bubbles of untold stories

Tickle her throat

As the wheel turns

It’s our turn

To break ancestral curses

Strut up to the front

Sink our toes into warm earth

And shine with our imperfect humanity

Our ancestors will cheer

As our hands gently unearth 

Hidden treasure

As words flow with ease

Coating our throats with amber honey

Remembering to dance with the wind

And stretch toward sunlight

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