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Unbreakable Voices

In the annals of history, a tale unfolds,Of women's strength and stories untold.From the shadows, they emerged with might,To claim their place in the world's grand sight.Once confined to domestic walls,Now breaking barriers, standing tall.They fought for rights, for equality,To shape a future where all could be free.With courage as their guiding light,They challenged norms,… Continue reading Unbreakable Voices


Trusting your gut is like coming home.

Trusting your gut is like coming home. It’s that feeling of utter rightness. It’s knowing that whatever decision we just made was meant to be. The problem. How do you trust your gut? It’s easy to say “trust your gut,” but it's an entirely different thing to put that saying into practice. As I have… Continue reading Trusting your gut is like coming home.

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Ancestor Message Spring 2021

Listen to OUr Spring Playlist on Spotify Tarot Reading For Spring The cards never lie. Sometimes we are meant to watch their meanings unfold before us. This Spring season the messages are clear, the Ancestors have spoken. We all need a good limpia. This includes a digital limpia.Yes you can connect to peoples energy online.… Continue reading Ancestor Message Spring 2021


Spring 2021 Cover Page

Welcome to Saint Lunita Magazine, an online publication created by your favorite radical inuencers, Las Doctoras: Dr. Renee Lemus & Dr. Cristina Rose. We thank you for witnessing, experiencing and growing with us. As we continue our path, we open ourselves to new ways to connect, share, teach, free and radically decolonize. At Saint Lunita… Continue reading Spring 2021 Cover Page