Ancestor Messages

The Dawn of Rebirth

As we emerge from the wintry underworld, we come out of the shadows with an enlightened rebirth, feeling vulnerable and raw like a newborn baby or a newly bloomed flower. We are gifted the rebirth of ourselves to embrace the healing and awareness of the sacred tools we now have to elevate our reality. Cosmically, we are being asked to be open to electricity and forgiveness that exists within us.

How will we embrace our own light?

Spring 2022 is the dawn of the self rebirth. We are merging into this reality with the energy of The Sun card in reverse, this represents our past self, version 1.0. This is literally the journey from the tunnel of darkness we have undergone to remind us of our birth. The way the card looks, it resembles a vagina with pubic hair and legs spread to give the world a new light coming out from in between. This is a representation of ourselves returning back to our realities with a light sparked within- How will we embrace our light?

Then there is the Go with the Flow card, the vulnerable feeling when you have been scrubbed clean, like when we are washing our hands constantly in these trying times to be safe, our hands become raw and cracked. This is a symbol of  the purification of the underworld, coming out of the dark tunnel of the underworld. Its like when you are in a super dark room and enter the outside, it hurts your eyes for a minute or two, it takes time to adjust to the newness of the light. Currently, we are stepping into the version 2.0 of ourselves. At this auspicious time, we are gifted with the opportunity of expansion! (Hint Hint working with Jupiter on Thursdays is a great time to do expansion work). During this time, we are called to step out of our comfort zone and into new senses we have access to. Come on and do that bungee jump…. Or maybe dye your hair red. Out of the ordinary has invited us to the party, are you attending the fiesta?

Divine masculine energy is how we are approaching this Spring 2022 energy, electric and unapologetic. Osiris, the Lord of the Underworld who represents fertility in Egyptian Magick, comes to us in this spread (Divine Masculine card) to show us we have the capability and tools to actively reinvent our reality, sacred relationships, and self. Combined with the 2 of Staves (wands), we are fertile and fruitful meaning manifestations are calling out to you to be planted. The 5 of Staves reminds us to mastermind to get the foundation right in order to plan your dreams and desires. There needs to be an action plan with exact steps to get to your goals. Whatever your planning, be sure to get those planners and have a solid plan for your foundation.

We see the 3 of cups and Sacred Relationships card, there is going to be a reconnection and reconciliation with someone you thought you lost. Relationships can too fluctuate and evolve. As you start to surface, we go into these situations where we are asked to practice forgiveness and to approach with grace those who are in their own personal underworld. Forgiveness takes courage and bravery; this is the unpopular opinion.

Our skin is delicate, the air feels sensitive to the touch.

In March 2022, we welcome the Spring Equinox, the celebration of budding emotions and growth. We are rising into our own personal dawns, a cosmic gift as we ascend in our own lives. We often manifest that we absorb the power of the sun with its magical purposes. However, surprise!  You are the sun, amor. We are the dawn and the enlightened truths we have been waiting for.

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