Mi Casa

All my life I’ve craved love

I yearned for a void in me to be filled

A place to feel safe and seen

When your love found me

 the fear clouded my happiness

I spent years running from a love

A love I felt unworthy of

I never knew happiness could exist like this

I only knew all the broken parts

What doesn’t work

I have battled your love

Almost as much as I’ve battled my own

Yet you remained

More patient than I could have ever been

You’ve loved all the evolutions of me

Embracing all of me as I grow

All those parts of me I struggle to see

Your love continues




I never had a happy home growing up

My roots are deep of dysfunction

Generational traumas handed to me

You have given me stability


Your walls keep me safe

Your door only lets the good in, keeps the bad out

Your windows give me fresh air to breathe

Your roof handles any storm

Our foundation strong

We are safe

With you I will never ever be afraid or alone

You are my home

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