Turquoise Serpent

She did not fight
or flee, to survive
the fawn froze


Turquoise serpent winds my way
turns at an ankle, rises round a thigh
now upon my shoulders, a lethal shawl

my arms extend lightly
feet plant in warrior stance
the north wind enters
and the dance begins

slowly, she wraps around my torso
spine erect, gaze direct
onyx eyes transfix me
lead me to spiral center
shadows flash on a silver screen
I see, a worried mother
too far away to hear a child scream
sisters calling in a lost sheep  

sliding down into darkness
I see, a spirit shocked
the body resisting
separation of parts 

we name the losses
I see, mirror reflections
across generations
to shed skins, we forgive

turquoise serpent holds me, firmly
warm salty streams flow
color breaks on the screen
when a phoenix rises red

lightly now, serpent releases me
blessing the past and present  
and to the south departs  


Shaking out the shadow
the fawn dashed
to a mountain top

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