Fall 2021 Cover Page

We can write liberation into existence.

This fall, we. are. free. Liberation is now. We are creating liberation as we write it, speak it, sing it, dream it. Name it. We are free. 

With the summer behind us, we embrace the fall, the autumn, the balance of light and dark. We have played, we have been vulnerable, we have been out in the sun swimming topless, naked. Surely that was freedom already? Only part, says Saint Lunita. Only the beginning. 

The task for the spring was to blossom. The task for the summer was to come out of the closet. Thanks #littlenasx. The fall: actual, tangible, somatic love. 

I am blooming as a flower. I am fresh as the dew. I am solid as the mountain. I am firm as the Earth. – Thich Nhat Hanh

You have bloomed and played. Now, queridx, come home. Come home. The fall invites us into a loving embrace.  Invites us for sweater weather. Invites us to layer for protection, for comfort, and for our creative cycle.  

Imagine you are a child who has been playing all day out in the world. Imagine it. You have been that child and you are that child. Tanned, dark, pelo suelto, and your m/other calls you with love and warmth to come back. “Mija! It’s time.”

This fall edition beckons us to come closer to home. It reminds us to come closer and gather your chosen family together. These beloveds, these comadres – our familia. In this community, we are loved for who we are. This love surrounds us and it grounds us. It frees us to be us. 

We are also reminded in the season that we must reparent ourselves. Here there is freedom too. Freedom from asking for permission. Truly, within each of us is a child, a mama, and an abuelita. This holy trinity requires our attention and energy. And, we bring our circle of protection around us …inviting in only those that love us for who we are and want us to live our best lives. 

And finally, the fall reminds us to release what no longer serves us. Liberates us from the unnecessary burdens and traumas (and dramas). Like the leaves falling from the trees, we can let go.  We can fall gently knowing that Mama Tierra will catch us, hold us, and surround us with her love. Mama loves us, and her love is real.  This love that is true and embodied. This love is liberation. 

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