Ancestor Messages

Ancestor Messages- Fall 2021

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The summer excitement and heat ignited within us passion to go forth and we are burning to expand and create. That summer fling of love and inspiration is still upon us. As we prepare to enter the Fall season, we are coming down from that energy of when you come to your home after having a day of playfulness that leaves your skin sticky with sweat. And it’s time for a breath, time to take the layers off physically and symbolically. We step in the shower and let it fall, fall gently back into our bodies, into our homes of bodies. We finally release and now it is time for returning to home.

 “Mija, ya vente. Es tiempo. It’s time to come on in from the forest,” Mama Luna is saying,loud and clear, showing she means business by The Moon card and 8 of cups. She is asking us to abandon and take off our wild woman archetype cloak (no matter how you gender identify) right now, because she wants to see our enlightened sun kissed faces. We are being called to do moon magic by her side. We have this crown of luminosity on our heads that we are wearing. The moon is asking us to come in touch with our divine feminine through our own softness and she wants to give some luminosity to our hearts and bodies. This energy is calling us to come within our home, to knock on our home doors, and to come in to find comfort. Traditionally, home to many is a place, a sense of smell, a person or an environment. In this case, home is a mindset, the door to our home is the one going inside our hearts. Our heart space is currently calling, this is our home calling. With this Moon card, this energy is going to be electrified and amplified on October 23rd, the start of Scorpio season. During this autumnal transition starting September 22nd, there are ways to honor the call to ourselves back home. Since we will be working inward, being mindful and gentle to our intuition since she will be working tirelessly especially in our dreams, perhaps keeping a dream journal would be a great way to reflect on our own unconscious psyche. There are more rituals to invoke the Fall energy and honor the moon with magic at the end of this article. 

Once we walk into our heart space, that is where we are going to allow ourselves to breath and stretch and pull on our favorite Fall sweater. Naturally and rhythmically, we will put on our heart and bodies, what feels like a safe and comfortable environment? What is our protection to keep us at bay and provides a home? This is going to organically change the perspective with oneself and relationships with others thus embodying The Hanged One, the ability to change perspective in our own lives. We can practice changing our perspective while sitting in our heart space, we can invoke peace and naturally switch the way we see and interact with life. Spirit is recommending the collective to try Breathwork as a method to connect with our heart space. A challenge to stop and feel our heartbeat as we intentionally mindfully breathe. Do we know when we breathe? Spirit guides share through the Lovers Card that we must create a love relationship between mind, body, and soul, to create a spark of authentic warm love within us to organically start to seep into our lives and relationships. This is the time to be energetically open and real with our communication of what we truly want in our relationships, speaking in love, rather than fear will open ourselves to loving connections. Go for it and tell them how you really feel, let love lead!  

Fall SZN is here to remind us to come home and simply be gentle with ourselves. Let’s uncloak ourselves from the wild of the summer to step into the coolness of the days. May we speak from love, ask our intuition to speak to us through our passions and embody the release the autumn offers to us. Let’s kick back in the casita and breathe in the Luna! 

Fall Solstice Magic Rituals 

+Moonbathe- Yes, moonbathe the same way we sunbathe. Spend some time outside under the moon to admire her, listen to the quietness and speak with her. Tip: You can do this during any moon cycle, even a new moon. Be mindful that moon cycles have fueled energy. 

+Work with crystals that support our emotional heart space and growth: Moonstone and Selenite. These crystals will help us get more centered and activate the moon magic within us. They will also call forth our intuition through our third eye and heart chakra. 

+DRINK WATER and Keep hydrated- Drinking water aids in keeping us grounded while allowing us to literally and figuratively sip some clarity into our emotions. And it’s really great for our health and skin!

+Paint with watercolor- This is a beautiful way to work with water, more than just in our traditional ways. Practicing mindfulness and connecting with water through color and creation of a masterpiece helps us look deep within and fall into the cosmic colors.

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