Ancestor Messages

Ancestor Messages- Summer 2021


Tarot Reading for Summer 2021

Tarot is a mirror reflection of what is happening within us as a whole and individually. We hear and honor messages that come from the universe and spirit guides. As we wrap up our spring time with a sense of cleansing, we are in for a huge switch of energy. And it’s going to be a beautiful summer, baby! A summer filled with choices, refreshing enthusiastic energy and that summertime teenage vibe. 

This summer, as a collective, we are opening ourselves back up to the world. We are transformed and elevated criaturas walking into the world for the first time in what seems like forever. We have arrived at a place where our pre-COVID lives are old world knowledge; we are discarding the life we thought worked for us because this is all we knew how to live. After all, we are creatures of habit. Higher consciousness is bringing to light a new world, the Age of Aquarius is here. We are coming out of the womb and reaching out of our placenta through this rebirth. This is the first time in over a year. We are being presented with choices for how we would like to return to the world and make the changes we always longed for. Our choices are being represented in the 8 of cups.  As a community of consciousness, we are no longer confined versions of ourselves with what we truly want mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For the next few months, the energetic vibration is us unveiling natural, desnuda/ desnudx/ desundo  versions of ourselves. We are disrobing to show the world who we really are, deeper than our skin and the clothes we wear. It goes down to the soul and heart. Have you come in contact with your deepest desires?  

We have had many rebirths by shedding layers of ourselves in this lifetime. What makes this renaissance different from those of the past? We are waking up to a new beginning as a unified conscious. We are stepping into a place where judgement toward others and self is becoming extinct, as told by the Judgement card. We have arrived at a place where we as a collective are saying, “Let’s do it, nothing scares us anymore!” Our destination is a place where fear based thinking no longer exists and the death of the we-can-never-do-it mentality. Wild dreams, fantasies, and one days are more attainable than ever before. Go after that dream you have deep in your heart! Although we live in a world infected by isms, there is a wider change in perspective for most and we are acting on it in everyday interactions. We are coming to understand that we are in union with each other through this. We are stepping in the pool of adventure and newness all together and we are finally starting to love all innately. 

Midsummer is going to be at the peak of this energy (June 24th, 2021). The dreaminess, the haziness, the intoxication of the warmth and the coolness of the luna on summer nights. That energy of being a teenager on a summer night, the butterflies and the freedom one feels just L-I-V-I-N. That is the energy I am getting for this upcoming summer solstice. This is the one summer for the books, this is our first real summer with a sense of renewal. Get ready to be sunkissed and get desnuda/desnudx/desnudo! 

High vibrations through music:

Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Quindon Tarver, Josh Abrahams 

Summer Nights- Lil’ Rob 

Rebirth of the Flesh- Prince 

Experience this energy by tasting Blood Oranges, Oranges and Rosemary, or Lemongrass during this SZN. 

June 24th is midsummer (bonfires, feasting, and celebrating). Allowing yourself to be taken away with your true joys and listening to your inner child. This is the best time to play and let your passions lead your heart. 

Written by Dorian Serrano (Staff Tarot Columnist)


For this summer edition, we wanted to introduce us! Come, get a glimpse into the lives of the Saint Lunita Editors!

Selisa – Efficient and analytical (Virgo), Selisa is dedicated to her life purpose (Sun) from a deep place of integrity (1st house) and is highly motivated each day in this journey (Rising) particularly when it comes to how she communicates (Mercury). Her needs are rooted in a curiosity (Gemini) in her public persona and livelihood (10th house)

Renee – Deeply caring and protective (Cancer), Renee’s life purpose (Sun) and embodied needs (Moon) are  interwoven with what is and brings the fertile (5th house). Motivated each morning (Rising) toward intuitive creation (Pisces) fostered by abundance  (Jupiter) that asks for deep understanding  (Scorpio) when it comes, in particular, to all kinds of education ((9th house). 

Cristina – Efficient and analytical (Virgo), Cristina’s life purpose (Sun) and motivation to rise each morning (Rising)  is to bring intergenerational healing to her chosen family (4th house) in a playful way (Gemini), and she needs (Moon) the intellectual and philosophical nature of in astrology and education and travel (9th house) in her life.

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