Silver Owl

I welcome the guide of the highest truth and compassion
To take me with you tonight 
I’ve lost sight and all Passion

Sitting on the corner of my bed
All hope was lost
I stared at the wall

Nothing I said
Nothing at all

Art by Polaris @missingcosmonaut 

I laid my head back, my attention to the ceiling
I said “Please take me now, I can’t live with this feeling.”

My sadness like the night air
I can’t touch or see it, but it’s too painful to bear
“Take me, take me.”
It became a prayer

Silver owl that’s when I met you
I was letting love down, and you didn’t let me
I was gonna stay down, free me from me

That’s when I felt your warmth
Encompass me whole
And then I saw black, In dream state I awoke
Afraid for what might have become of my soul

You held me close
Like a mother holds her child
and you whispered in my ear

“I’ve been with you since you were born
I’ve listened to every thought that stirs your soul while you slept and mourned
The choice is yours
And it begins with a promise

The ups, the downs
the highs, and the lows
This pain is a lesson
the more you will know
You are now awake
Open all three eyes
You will seek truth from where there
is lies
I love you now and I will love forever
Wake up stardust begin your human endeavor

I woke up 12 hours going on 29 years later

The first thing I grabbed was a pen and a paper

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