Diosa: A Liberation Prayer

I am a saint.⠀

I am a sinner.⠀

I am a queen.⠀

Powerful, like one hand open, ready to receive; the other, a clenched fist, ready to strike if necessary.⠀

I am a fighter; the end all be all.⠀

I am like a rose, beautiful and sharp when touched without permission. ⠀

Photo by Karissa Raya

I don’t pray to God anymore⠀

I pray to myself.⠀

I worship at the feet of her temple and leave offerings of nourishment and love at her altar.⠀

I move her to keep her healthy.⠀

Life creator.⠀

Human maker.⠀

I carry life in my blood. ⠀

My bones are full of magic.⠀

I am my own soulmate.⠀

Perfectly matched to live happily ever after.⠀

I am you and you are me. ⠀

I am a little bit of every woman and person I’ve come into direct contact with in the presence of my ancestors and guides.⠀

I am the future.⠀

I am the present.⠀

I am my presence.⠀

I am the answer to my ancestor’s prayers. ⠀

I am the one I prayed for to come save me.⠀

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