Spring 2021 Cover Page

Welcome to Saint Lunita Magazine, an online publication created by your favorite radical inuencers, Las Doctoras: Dr. Renee Lemus & Dr. Cristina Rose. We thank you for witnessing, experiencing and growing with us. As we continue our path, we open ourselves to new ways to connect, share, teach, free and radically decolonize.

At Saint Lunita Magazine, our intention is to highlight the written work and artwork of Latinas, Latinx folks, Black women & femmes, and women/femmes of color. We recognize that there are oen so many ways our stories and ideas go overlooked, undervalued, and under represented. Saint Lunita is a revolutionary, radical and decolonial space at its core.

We want this to be a space for our ancestral gifts and wisdom to shine. To be in conversation with all the beautiful thoughts, ideas and projects our community is creatively birthing. To make space for the complexity of our communities, to give nuance to our experiences. To recognize and celebrate our differences while we come together for common goals. This is a space to break down the gatekeeping and institutional barriers of academia, mainstream publishing, and mainstream media.

We are bringing to this space our own gifts of philosophizing, theorizing, and
critical pedagogy mixed in with a little Walter Mercado style magic. Ever serving as bridges between academia, spirituality, and social justice, we are guided by our Chicana & Filipina Feminist foremothers and ancestors as well as our intuitive gifts of astrology, tarot and earth based magic.

We choose the name Saint Lunita in order to invoke the divine feminine power of the Luna. We grant her sainthood as the Goddess to which we pray. She who heals our wounds of institutionalized religion while leaving with us only the beautiful memories and rituals that connect us to our well ancestors. She who reminds us of our indigenous ancestry and the stories that live within our DNA. She who reminds us that though our lives are forever marked by colonial sexual violence, we can be made whole again through liberation and radical self-love. She who reminds us that we must confront our shadows, embrace the beauty of the darkness in order to see the light again.

As in all of our projects, we are here to use our gis, our privileges, the spaces we create to dismantle all forms of oppression. To unlearn the colonial imposition of white supremacist, cisheteropatriarchal capitalism. We are here to heal from the wounds of intergenerational trauma, and to do so in community. To build new systems and ways of being that liberate us, and offer us true freedom. We do so knowing this work is a marathon, not a sprint, that generations of colonization will not be undone in one lifetime. We are committed to doing our part to serve our communities, to give our children a better world and the skills to continue the work. We are also committed to
living into liberation in the here and now.

Saint Lunita Magazine is a space to imagine the innite possibilities of liberation. To si through the messiness. To celebrate the beauty of life. To revel in our joy. To embrace dierence and nuance. To be the change we want to see in the world. We invite you to join us on this journey, to be a part of our community, to witness the birth of creativity.
We will be publishing new content each season, within the following categories. We hope you take a look around, read the work of these writers and artists, and be in dialogue with us.

Essays: This category will publish pieces that critically engage with the world
through think-pieces, personal essays that speak to larger political, social,
cultural themes, and deep analysis and integration.

Ofrendas: Our voice is priceless and precious. What are you creating? writing?
dreaming onto the page? We want to showcase creative writing pieces, short
stories, poetry, plays, etc.

Chismes: Pop culture commentary 101. Ex. What did you think about the last
episode of that novela, or show you love?

Art: Our iconography. Paintings, drawings, photography, etc.

Librería– Book Reviews and Recommendations.

Chingonas: We are here to celebrate your accomplishments! We are each bringing so much into our communities. Immaculate conceptions, manifestations, las virgenes, celebrations: salud to you, queridx!

Books recently published too! Like: Taste of Sugar and Kissing Bug.

Querida Lunita: We are here for your questions!. Mija, says la luna, what is on
your heart? Digame.

Ancestor Messages: Truly, la sagrada, magica, y mas. These are our intuitive
oerings from our ancestors, through us, to you!

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