I decided to love myself 

The kind you hear about in books 

But this time, I did the work. 

I searched inward –

Began to question messages ,

observed actions. 

I filled my empty spaces..

I dug out the poison and planted seeds of love.  

I was becoming whole.

My mind detoxed; 

Who is this talking? Me? You? 

My mind raced , I needed my fix , 

I asked myself again ; ‘ is this me? Is this You? ‘

‘ Is this wrong ?’ ‘ Is this right ?’ 

Again, and again, 

A day passed , 

A month, 

A year, 

Finally, I knew . 

I am who I choose to be , and 

I decide what is right. 

The road back to myself required my biggest fight, 

but my greatest strengths were loving myself 

And loving my life. 

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