My Power/ Mi Poder

Oil Pastels on Bristol paper. My Power – Mi Poder                                            
My 3 year old (Sonali Coyolxauqui) and I were talking about vaginas. She became a bit frustrated because she couldn’t see her own vagina, so we decided to draw it instead. We draw, paint or color anything that we cannot express, explain, or just for fun.  
I want her to know how powerful, flexible, extraordinary and beautiful vaginas are. I know she will eventually hear some comments about vaginas that will not give it the respect they deserve.  This was my drawing after that conversation with Sonali.  I share with her that each vagina is a source of power, needs love and care, are all beautiful and not exactly the same. I let her know that if we choose to, inside is where a baby begins to form and that this is also the same place that the baby will likely come out from when they are ready. When she saw it she said they were like two rainbows together. I want her to know her vagina is unique, powerful, not to be messed with unless she chooses to, and the threshold for all human life.

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