Ancestor Messages

Ancestors Messages- Winter 2021-2022

Throughout our cozy season, we explored going home to wear what makes us feel protected and comforted. Now we are sitting afterwards with our feelings and new perspectives, we take what we learned and place action on what was discovered. We act now during this winter season by surrendering, releasing and letting go of fear and control. Lovingly and scared, gazing upon the cycle of life and death. 

We are always in this moment of wisdom of the now and evolving forth, transforming during this Winter season we are called to embody The Hermit as we start to prepare for Winter.Throughout the winter season, spiritual awakenings will arise and allow them to connect with you. This is divinely gifted by ancestors and spirit guides; they are aching to connect with you. Spirit is asking us to set spiritual and physical boundaries as we may be called to be in solitude, to ask for support during tough moments, or protection during adventure. 

During this season we’re being called to continue to love deeply, support, and identify the dichotomy of light and shadow of who we are now and who we used to be. The Hermit and The Fool are being called to co-join during this season to honor, celebrate and accept each other. Both archetypes do not know where their path will be leading and what transformations lay ahead, yet they have embarked on one of the biggest adventures. Enjoy the ride wide eyed and stay open to receiving messages from the universe and metamorphosis occuring. You may be called to be more silent, meditative, or honor your shadow self during winter to connect. On the other side of the coin, we are also embodying The Fool. This is a moment of being full of hope, adventure, and some naivete. We are harmonizing and balancing The Hermit and The Fool energy, to live both out in our lives during this Winter season. What does it mean for you to be The Hermit and The Fool at the same time? To be able to be meticulous and mindful of your words and actions while also having this playful bounce and imagination? It is recommended during this season to step outside of your comfort zone by doing activities with the most beautiful human, YOU! Yes, take yourself on a fancy date, go to the beach by yourself, or shower yourself with words of admiration. 

As we enter the Sagittarius season and communication is highlighted on January 14, 2022 as Mercury goes retrograde, we are also being called to be very tactful, methodical, and strategic about the power of our words and how they may create or destroy during this Winter season. As a powerful collective, we call in our ancestors and spirit guides as we surrender and venture into the natural flow of life and death. Trust in the transformations and evolving that is happening around and within us, our higher ascended version is calling out to us now. May we have a light heart with wonder in our eyes while being full of wisdom and contemplation. Ready for the wintery endeavor? Vamos! 


Interpretation of Las Doctoras’ Natal Chart

Natal Chart from Chani Nicholas

Las Doctoras is viewed by the world and views the world through a Capricorn lens. They are ritualistic and this rising sign is overseen by Saturn who helps create stronger organization from a place of foundational integrity (1st house) aided by alchemical powers (Pluto). This earthy ascendant is complemented by a moon in Taurus, bringing to the body and emotion a deep grounding in their creativity and sensuality (5th house). 

Together these earth signs enable Las Doctoras to accomplish their great life purpose (sun) which is to bring passionate and magical Scorpio holy water to their chosen family (11th house). 

This Scorpio energy with chosen family is intimately tied to their communication (Mercury), their connection (Venus), and their overall calling (mc) in this lifetime. They take action (mars) with their Aquarian minds by using their resources (2nd house). This they learned in previous lives (s node). 

They bring immense caring (Cancer) and innovation (Uranus) to this creative (5th house) and stable (Taurus) partnership (7th house) and their own families. 

They move forward in this lifetime (n node) with a desire to express and be seen (Leo), making visible cycles of life and death as well as collaborative ways of being (8th house). Doing so, they bring healing (Chiron) to themselves and to their loved ones as they step into emotional vulnerability (Pisces) with great imagination (Neptune) to daily writing and communicating (3rd house). 

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