Querida Lunita- Spring 21

In our advice column you can ask Lunita all your burning questions about love, relationships, school, family dynamics, patriarchy and more! We are here for your questions!. Mija, says la luna, what is on your heart? Digame.

Querida Lunita,
Sometimes it feels like I will never love my body. All the stuff we grew up with. It just feels insurmountable. Any tips on how to be OK with my process?
Love you Luna,
Honest Embodiment

Honest Embodiment
Thank you for your vulnerability, mija. We all have our cycles right? 😘 Perfection or idealism about our bodies or even what love looks like in regards to our bodies is a real obstacle. I hear in your question a profound love for your body and a real grace when it comes to your process. I am honored by your question, and I think in asking it, you have your answer. Speaking your pain, seeking community, and stepping into the pleasure of living into those questions.
La Lunita

Querida Lunita,
How can I talk to my family about internalized racism or sexism?
Mujer Magica

Mujer Magica,
The struggle is real, mujer. And, your time and energy are precious. Gifting family or chosen family or friends with your conversation about internalized racism or sexism or both is a gift. One more time: your energy is a gift. With that said, we’ve all been there. What you have is truly magic. You have that expensive understanding of the world at large, and you have escaped immeasurable odds to name those internalized oppressions for yourself. However you choose to offer your gifts and your magic to your family – however – I honor. And my only word is: cuidate. Be careful, stay in deep loving presence with yourself, and know that you are surrounded by us.
La Luna

Querida Lunita,
I have a story calling me to write her. I know this story needs to be written, yet I find myself avoiding her for every reason imaginable. How can I overcome this?

Wanna Be Writing

Wanna Be Writing,
Do you know how they say it’s always about location? Well, mija, in this global world, the location is always in community, always in accountability, always in reminders, and always cultivating space for yourself and this precious story of yours that needs to be shared, yes?

So happens my home girls here Las Doctoras are cultivating the space in the inter-webs for a question just like yours. Perhaps you will find what you need with them?
La Luna

I am grieving the loss of knowing the history of my ancestors and my ancestral lands. Are there any books or resources you could recommend to help guide me through reclaiming the knowledge?

In love,
Seeking Lost Elders

Querida Seeking Lost Elders,

Honestly, mama, I know you. I know the work you’re doing to create community, and I see you actively creating community spaces and resources. I want you to know that you are not alone. The podcast like “all our relations“ and the work that you follow and you contribute to with indigenous communities all along the west coast, you are tapping into the elders. We are generation by generation moving from surviving into thriving, and you are a part of that growth and that movement.

With so much gratitude, Lunita


We live in such a busy buzzing world. I feel the draw to slow down, to be present in the moment, to break free from the hamster wheel. What are some ways you incorporate slowing down and being present into you daily lives?

Needing to Slow Down

Needing to Slow Down,

For me, and for many of us, the answer is distance. I am grateful to be as far as I am from the earth and the sun and all the cosmos. I am grateful to have my own space, and I know that it is a privilege. Although I am speaking here on the launch of this amazing magazine named after me, I normally try to turn off the inter-webs and really Live into my full self whether it is in darkness or in lightness. A different time of the month will really change it. And in darkness, I love to sleep and rest and meditate and retreat. And in lightness, I seek community and spaces to shine. I imagine you are like me. I hope you find your flow.


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