Libre en Danza

When I was between 9-18 years old, I was part of an after school program where I was taught ballet and modern. When I was on the dance floor, it was when I felt grounded in myself and free from all the worries I faced as young brown girl, first generation Mexican, and feeling like… Continue reading Libre en Danza

Shadow Work

“Shadow Work” is about accepting the fact that we all have light and dark, that we must work through it, but that we must unpack what we believe our shortcomings are. Are the feelings of shame, failures, insecurities really our shadow, or are they the thread of colonialism woven so tight and for so long… Continue reading Shadow Work


A punch to my guts And a pierced bleeding heart That's how I feel When my loved one must part Come to me in dreams to her I said As she lay unable to move on her bed We all knew there would be no recovery only drain Cancer in bone is the worst kind… Continue reading Cancer