Ancestor Messages- Spring 21

Each season our in house Tarot reader Dr. Renee and Astrologer Dr. Cristina will bring you readings to help guide you through the season. We also offer a seasonal playlist to dance and move to. Truly, la sagrada, magica, y mas. These are our intuitive offerings from our ancestors, through us, to you!

Tarot Reading For Spring

The cards never lie. Sometimes we are meant to watch their meanings unfold before us. This Spring season the messages are clear, the Ancestors have spoken. We all need a good limpia. This includes a digital limpia.Yes you can connect to peoples energy online. And people can send you negative vibes through the interwebs. So maybe you need to unfollow some accounts on social media that trigger you. Maybe you need to block the haters. Maybe you need to wear some sort of protection when you post videos or pics. I would encourage you to look at Esoteric Esa or Erika Buenaflor to perform a good self limpia. Limpias are always a good idea, but particularly as we emerge from the darkness of Winter, we want to be sure we don’t carry any of that unnecessary heaviness with us into Spring.

This season will be doing a lot of walking away from things, situations, and relationships that no longer serve us. It will not be easy, walking away can be painful and sometimes it happens because of heartbreaking events. We have to trust that on the other side of heartbreak is a better version of ourselves. Spring is about transformation, emerging from the cocoon, allowing our wings to fly as we shed our former selves.

2020 was the Tower card, we were walking through the fire, watching structures fall. It was heartbreaking to let go of the ways we were used to living, loving, learning and being in community. The veil has been lifted, we can no longer unsee, we cannot go back to the comforts of familiar evils. We must grieve our old ways, while we grieve those we lost to Covid. And though we continue to live in the middle of a pandemic, the Ancestors are here to remind us there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have the opportunity to create new paradigms on the ashes of the old. Better more beautiful ways to live, love, learn and be in community. New paradigms that do not rely on hierarchical power structures.  It will be messy, it will not be easy, we will make mistakes but we can also find beauty in the imperfection, and enjoy the process. In fact, we must center joy in our efforts toward radical transformation.

We have the opportunity to create liberated ways of being in the here and now!  Buy from your amigas Etsy shop, take your comadres online course, hire your photographer friend, Venmo someone money just for the heck of it. Let’s harness our magic, gather our covens, make clear our intentions, build strong foundations and invest in our individual AND collective growth and liberation.


Happy Birth/day our holy child!! New moon birth that lives (mostly) in the 4th to 10th houses. WOW. You are magic, and your mamas are already proud!

With your sun in Aries in the 8th house, your life purpose is clear: activism that creates sustainability and health by building relationships with the resources of our world. Your needs are simple with your moon in Taurus in the 9th house: you need the grounding that a publication platform offers, particularly one that highlights astrology, education, and spirituality. And, our gente will see you for how you see all – Virgo Rising ruled by Mercury in Aries the 8th house – motivated each day to create equitable change deeply invested in discerning and communicating so that our wealth is shared. It is that Aries in the 8th that drives your connection (Venus) and healing work (Chiron) as well! And it’s that Taurus 9th house that brings us your innovative praxis (Uranus). Your invested in your family and foundation (4th house) has the style of a loyal and fun-loving Sagittarius and with this energy you’ll make the journey of learning to let go (South Node) as well as dive deep into your roots (IC). Your career work (10th house) brings out your Gemini curiosity to your desire to succeed (North Node), your public persona (MC), and how and when you take action (Mars). How you work and how you create health (6th house) is highly intellectual (Aquarius) seeking to create abundance (Jupiter) and order (Saturn). And you are that deeply loving Pisces when it comes to your relationships (DC in 7th). Finally, pleasure is key (5th house) when it comes to how you persevere (Capricorn) in transformation (Pluto) that we deeply need.

Gratitude to CHANI for Saint Lunita’s Natal Chart